“Petherick’s London is fascinating and engaging. His writing borders on the breath-taking. As a professional Londoner I recognise the geography as much as I recognise the abuses this town hands out to some of us. Petherick does a brilliant job of allowing us to suspend our moralising. In fact, he insists on it.”
Lord Bird, Founder of The Big Issue

“A slow burn in its purest form – Petherick’s fiery prose evokes a city smouldering with impassioned tensions that build towards an incendiary denouement.”
Jake Arnott, Author of The Long Firm

“This is a beautifully plotted and written novel. And very thought provoking.  Those who have loved London will identify with the story teller’s concerns and insights. The Shard does indeed represent everything about  what London is becoming and nothing about what it was.  The imagery  of flame and fire plays well into London’s history, but also existentially into the people’s lives that  the author so empathetically  inhabits for us. London from the inside, as it were, disconcerting, frightening, still providing opportunity, though  much of it perverse.  I am impressed by the novel,  enjoyed reading it, learned from it, and am hoping the author is game for  another  great story that lodges in your mind – in this case, whenever on any central  London street corner.”
Professor Leslie Willcocks, London School of Economics and Political Science

“Without a doubt, the best thing I’ve read so far this year. I actually cried! This book surprised and rattled me, made me laugh, and is written with such elegance. The characters are the people I see in London, going about their lives, brought into vivid colour.”
Shannon Clinton-Copeland, Goodreads 

“Like Fire Unbound is spell binding and will leave its characters with you for a long time. It is a realistic and thought provoking study of human nature in the great metropolis of London and a must-have addition to anyone’s library.”
Chris Savery, Author of Mirror, Mirror

“A multi-faceted novel with an absorbing plot which amongst other things looks into, through its diverse list of well-formed characters, the struggles of living in the city of London.”
Selin Tamtekin, Author of The Turkish Diplomat’s Daughter

“I came to this novel intrigued. How was the author going to link the contemporary with the historical? The answer is – brilliantly. Petherick portrays London expertly – the brutality of the city combined with its majesty. Reading his descriptions, you feel the heat, the crush that accompanies summer in the city. His characters are strong as is the plot line. This is a novel that stays with you.”
David Grant, Author of Elephant

“Beautifully written and engages the reader at every turn of the page. The characters are all memorable and interwoven skillfully throughout the story. London sights and sounds are brought to life as you explore from 1666 to the present day. Flames from the Great London Fire and a heatwave in the 21st Century creates tension and London is breaking. Excellent read and I would thoroughly recommend.”
Maria Conroy

“Another excellent book by Simon Petherick taking you from the Great Fire in London 1666 to twenty first century living. If you’ve not yet read one of his novels, this is a great place to start.”
Liza Lyndel

“I hadn’t heard of this author before but when a friend recommended I read it, I did and was hooked! What I love is that you can’t predict where he’s going to take you – he just have a brain the size of a planet to think up the interwoven storylines. I see that he’s written other books and so will def be giving those a try too.”
Catherine French

“I loved getting into this book, very atmospheric and the characters feel believable. A perfect read for a rainy afternoon on the sofa.”
Ailsa Griffiths

“A gripping, satirical thriller. I binge-read it! Do yourself a favour and take it on holiday with you, if you’re lucky enough to get one this year.”
Katherine Bottrell

“Great book! I loved the way the story moved seamlessly back and forward through time. A tense and compelling story line, so compelling I finished reading it over a weekend! Sequel please?”
Ian Pickard

“I have read several previous publications by Simon Petherick and enjoyed them. I therefore prepurchased this latest book. On arrival I started reading it and couldn’t put it down! Read it in a few hours. The book has a rich and thoughtful character development as the story unfolds along the timelines. The storylines intertwine and develop with the characters bringing emotional attachment to each involved. The story develops in a timely and progressive manner and without feeling rushed to a crescendo of drama and excitement. Having lived in London for 13 years I very much felt the love and hate emotional tug of war the city provides when you live there so the feelings were definitely familiar. I greatly enjoyed Simons storytelling with this book, it is a genuine page turner! Loved it. Can’t wait for his next book!”
Paul Mason